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Aluminium Finish + Colours

All windows and doors can be done in a range of Dulux Powder Coating or Universal Anodising colours and finishes to suit your requirements. 


Powder Coated Aluminium 

D U L U X  P O W D E R  C O A T I N G


Powder coating is a highly versatile aluminium surface treatment option andoffers several advantages in any application. For instance, powder coating is available in a huge range of colours from simple matt, satin and gloss finishes to super matt, super gloss, and textured finishes. 

Dents and scuffs are easily repaired using liquid coating that accurately matches original colours. Powder coating has better colour uniformity between batches. Offering excellent chemical resistance to mortar, as well as to industrial-strength acidic and alkaline cleaners, powder coatings do not produce air pollution.


Dulux colours range from X10-X25 durability and warranties.


 DULUX 2721114G gloss_duralloy pearl-white    DULUX 27237131 gloss_duralloy white-birch    2721137S satin durallo          

          PEARL WHITE                WHITE BIRCH                      SURFMIST                           APO GREY                           IRONSTONE                     BLACK  (C/B NIGHT SKY®)

To view these popular colours from the Dulux Duralloy Powdercoat Range and more head to the Dulux website here:


Annodised Aluminium

U N I V E R S A  L   A N N O D I S I N G 


Highly recommended for coastal areas, with a thickness of 25UM, providing durability that could potentially last a lifetime. 


Anodising gives aluminum a deeper, richer metallic appearance than is possible with powder coatings. This is because an anodised coating is translucent so you can see the base metal underneath the coating.


Anodised aluminium is easy to maintain, can be cleaned regularly with water and a mild detergent to restore its original lustre. Anodising is unaffected by sunlight preventing fading, and does not emit VOCs. There is no use of heavy metals in the process.


Universal Annodising offer a wide range of colours to suit any application.


Click here to see their current range.



We only use the best quality hardware for all windows and doors, ensuring high durability and strength. 


We have access to a variety of trusted suppliers so that our hardware can support all forms of design elements, including:


  • Door Hardware & Handles
  • Hinged Door Locks 
  • Entrance Systems
  • Keyless Entry   
  • Sliding Door Locks
  • Interior Glass System Hardware


To view the ranges we use, click on the logos below: